Asbestos Removal

Rust and Water Proofing for Industrial Commercial Buildings

We cater for all industrial, commercial and residential rust and waterproofing treatments. Roof rust control, corrosion control, protective roof painting, and roof coatings are our specialty and we are the market leaders in this area with a very long, proven track record of large successful corrosion control /painting contracts.

Roof rust left untreated will not stop. It continues to eat away at the metal roof sheets to the point where the roof has rust holes in it, causing leaks and possibly costly damage to the inside of the building, stock, computers, factory equipment, machinery, etc. Eventually, the roof may be damaged beyond repair and will require replacement which is often unforeseen, unplanned and exceptionally costly.

It is therefore vital that the roof rust is treated early, and the roof painted with a protective coating to prevent further rust and roof damage.
We will expertly and carefully treat the roof rust, correctly prepare the roof and then apply the protective paint coating to the roof. We use a number of tried and tested, first-rate quality paint products from reputable suppliers. The type of paint and specification used will be specifically and correctly selected for your roof and your requirements.